When you wake up in the morning you have two choices~ go back to sleep and dream your dreams or wakeup and chase your dreams!!!!:)

So I have seen/heard:

- whole theaters gasping

- a mother gasping and shouting “HOW COULD YOU?” at the screen while her young kids told her to be quiet

- one boyfriend saying “HOLY SHIT, YOU DOUCHEBAG

- another boyfriend saying “…did he just…? DAMN

- yet another boyfriend saying “…ouch” with an audible wince of sympathy

- a little girl in front of me saying “…no” in a hushed, horrified voice

- and a girl around my age literally STANDING UP and screaming at the screen “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!” while her boyfriend physically restrained her and tried to calm her down

Audience Reactions to the Hans Reveal: easily one of the best parts of seeing Frozen in the theater.

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